This is a new blog I’m starting for my own needs.  I have some other blogs that are mostly informational in nature and intended for people looking to learn about certain topics, but this blog is different.  It is entirely for me.  Although I would appreciate any person reading my blog, I don’t expect it and that is not the goal of this blog.   

This blog is called cup runneth over, I gave it that name because sometimes I feel the need to write when my cup runneith over.  And although sometimes this happens when my cup runneth over with good suff, it mostly happens when it runneth over with bad stuff. This doesn’t mean that this will be a depressing blog or cynical, it’ll be more ‘philosophical’ about life in general.  And I don’t mean philosophical like Aristotle or John Stuart Mill or Hegel, I mean philosophical in a layman’s understanding of it in the manner of “what is the meaning of life?”

So welcome to my new blog.